Evalbrix enables administrators to develop SMART evaluation methodology, prescribe online Professional development programs based on the evaluation, and monitor the progress and completion of the prescribed training.


Video Recording

Teacher can record the activities in the classroom, like group discussions, presentations, speeches and debates. The recording can be easily uploaded on Google Drive, One Drive, Box or Knowledgebrix.

Whiteboard Recording

Teachers can now use the whiteboard on their device which can be projected onto a screen projector. Teachers can sit along with students and start explaining or writing on the Tablet app whiteboard that student will see on the big screen.

Advance Whiteboard

The advanced whiteboard has artificial intelligence built in which helps teachers convert any writing into smart text with a single click.

Built in Calculator

Write, edit and calculate.


Teacher make multiple teaching presentations to teach students different concepts or for projects. Now they can add annotations and voice to presentation easily.

Create Upload & Share

The school district owns video content which is created by teachers. There is no limit on number of videos or length of videos created. Teachers can share the videos on Google classroom, Google Drive, Microsoft drive or Dropbox.


Easy To use

App can be download on Apple with Pencilâ„¢, Microsoft Surface Pen, Samsung S Pen, or Google Pixel book Pen and start using it.

Text Control

Write the way you want, we convert the words into real text. Paragraphs and bullets convert your handwriting in typeset text.


Easy to connect any hardware that supports HDMI interface wirelessly. Start conducting classes effectively.

Recording Tool

Start recording and pause when needed. Record the voice and lesson that you are teaching on the whiteboard.

Digital Whiteboard

Change to smart whiteboard: Advance built in artificial intelligence whiteboard solve the hard equations and draw the diagram.

Easy Share

All videos and classes you create can be shared on Google and Microsoft drive and upload on Knowledgebrix in the digital library.

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